I hadn’t been to northeast South Dakota for about 14 years and had forgotten how much water there is, which makes it a great place for fishing. My cousin Abby caught so many fish today that I lost count. My count was easy to remember, but not memorable. Zero. Hey, at least I tried. Nevertheless, it was a relaxing weekend with two aunts & uncles, cousin, mom and grandparents.


I was excited to see several pods of pelicans, and even moreso, that they didn’t “gift” anything to me.

The Foodie


My cousin Karen graciously agreed to help me out with today’s blog quest and was patient as I practiced taking portraits. I’m excited for her to begin college at Iowa State this fall, though I will miss regularly seeing her infectious smile, learning her foodie nutrition tips (she plans to study dietetics), the occasional run (she’s much faster), and hanging out with an all-around fun cousin.

Bus Waiting

Waiting for Bus

When I moved to Minneapolis, I was surprised by the number of people who use public transportation to get to the office. It’s a good thing. As a result, people in business attire are often found dotted across Metro Transit stops downtown as they wait for a ride home.