Minnesota Muskies

Minnesota Muskies

Puzzled. That best describes my reaction on entering the Target Center to watch the Minnesota Timberwolves and instead finding the Muskies. Did I miss something? Am I at the right stadium? Turns out, tonight was the first night the Timberwolves are wearing throwback jerseys of the Minnesota Muskies, to honor a basketball team from Minnesota’s past (1967-68). This photo captured a Minnesota three-pointer, though the Pacers would win 109-99. Thanks Target for the suite seats.

Power Play

MN vs. Notre Dame Hall of Fame hockey game

My college friend Brian and I went to the Minnesota vs. Notre Dame men’s hockey game. I was excited but a bit conflicted, since it was the first time I’ve seen both my alma maters play competitively. We had great seats behind the goal with the Notre Dame alumni club, so I dutifully donned my Irish gear complete with class ring, but also proudly wore my maroon Minnesota shirt. And, I cheered for everyone and jeered for no one.

Today’s photo was literally milliseconds before Minnesota made a power play goal to tie the score at 1-1 .

What though the odds be great or small,
it wasn’t a Ski-U-Mah, but Old Notre Dame,
who won overall (4-3).