South Dakota rest stop tipi

A tipi-like structure marks every rest area in South Dakota. This particular rest area is on I-29 at the Vermillion exit, and this may have been my second stop here (ever) because it’s only 8 miles from home. (The first being a geocaching adventure.)

South Dakota rest stop teepee tipi
South Dakota rest stop tipi
south dakota rest stop teepee




My college buddy Brian, his wife Kaitlyn and I drove to South Dakota for the weekend for a 40-hour adventure. It turns out you can stay pretty busy, even in a small town.

– Horseback riding on Sandman and Barney the mule
– Visit to the tri-state area with a loop down Dakota Ave in South Sioux City, Nebraska
– Lunch in Sioux City, Iowa (Amen for Chick-fil-A!)
– A visit to Palmer Candy for their cherry Twin Bing bars, a Midwestern favorite.
– A visit to Vermillion, South Dakota to tour the National Music Museum
– Church and then dinner at Los Amigos, one of two sit down restaurants in my hometown, and some of the best Mexican food north of the border.

Horse bridles and reins
Brian and Kaitlyn