Light Fixture

Light fixture

Today was a busy day for home improvements: cutting the front tree limbs into firewood; learning how to operator a lawn tractor; seeding the lawn; painting the sub-basement; and upgrading some light fixtures. Let me just say that I’m glad I’m not an electrician by profession.



Tonight my dad, uncle and I took down my half-tree in the front yard. From the rings in the stump, we counted 26 years. It’s a bummer this tree had to go, but the electric company had already trimmed half of it. So, I’ll be shopping for a new tree or two come spring. On a positive note, I’ll be ready for bonfires.


Take the A Ramp



While not quite the same, every time I walk back to the A Ramp in Minneapolis, I think of Take the ‘A’ Train, a signature tune of the Duke Ellington Orchestra and composed in 1939. Except my train is my Ford.

This skyway has a similar composition to a photo I captured in May in Loring Park of the Whitney Bridge, one of my favorite images of this year’s project. I only stopped for 2-3 minutes to take a photo, but clearly my business suit-clad self was deemed a threat because it wasn’t long after that I heard the loudspeaker call security. No matter, I was done. I’ve had to work quickly before.