Pride of Minnesota


Joining the Pride of Minnesota marching band in 1999 was one of the best decisions I made after, of course, deciding to attend the University of Minnesota. It’s hard to count how many times I’ve played The Minnesota Rouser on saxophone or harmonized in song to the alma mater Hail! Minnesota. Or of course, the chant we’d shout out while circling the Metrodome: “Eat raw, eat ’em. Eat raw, eat ’em. Eat raw, eat up the guts, spit out the bones, march on.” [listen here]

And you thought the marching band was nice.

Phone Stack


Ever gone to dinner or the bar with friends, and everyone’s nose is buried in their smartphones? They’re checking in on Foursquare, updating Facebook, tweeting, taking Instagram photos, reading reviews on Yelp, or texting people who haven’t gotten to the restaurant or bar yet. (I’m guilty, for sure.)

Next time, play the “phone stack” game. Everyone’s phones get stacked face down on the table. Anyone who reaches to answer their phone during dinner (if it’s not an emergency) has to pay part of the tab!