Tonight, I fully appreciated how much KILZ painting my mom and uncle did for me last week. It’s not all that exciting. That is, until I ended up on top of the refrigerator and decided it could be a fun photo. I set up my trusty tripod with a 10-second delay, scrambled up the ladder (out of the frame) and leaped into position with my paint roller and posed for a continuous shutter of 10 pictures at a time.

I don’t know who was more difficult to work with: the photographer or the model. An experienced photographer can set up the shot right away. Well…  I probably shouldn’t admit to how many times I climbed that ladder to pose for the camera. It was at least 10 times, and I say “at least” because quite frankly, that’s when I stopped counting. By the time I got the shot I wanted, I hardly even needed a ladder. I practically high jumped into position, like a cat being chased up a tree.

2 thoughts on “KILZ

  1. Joe – this picture is hilarious! You must have really tall ceilings because it looks like you’re up there with head room to spare! (Although I can’t tell if that’s just an illusion or what?!)

    I love seeing all these latest pics from your new house! It looks like you are your family are doing a lot of hard work; I can’t wait until we can see the finished result. Keep up the good work!

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