Open door, Alicante, Spain

I sometimes reflect on life as though it was divided in chapters: moments of achievement, courage, personal growth, professional development, taking (calculated) risks, seizing opportunities and pursuing hobbies, as well as the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve kept along the way.

Life is a series of choices–some big, though many small–that we make every day. When a door of opportunity appears, do you readily open it, or pause to consider it, or even pass it by, hopeful that another door will appear at a more opportune time?

Almost exactly a year ago, my 4.5 year Chicago chapter ended and what an incredible journey it was. A door opened for a new career opportunity in a city I love. After living in downtown Minneapolis for the past year, another door has opened (quite literally) to home ownership in the suburbs. I look forward to seeing what this next chapter brings.

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