The Spots


Tonight was the first ever corporate choir sing-off at Minneapolis’ summer Music & Movies in the Parks at Lake Harriet. You see, I’m one of 30+ members in the Target choir, The Spots. We were joined by choirs from General Mills, Wells Fargo and Ameriprise in a program titled “Sing United,” in which we each sang 4-5 numbers as individual choirs and joined together for four choral pieces. In other words, it was on like Regionals in Glee.

I’m fortunate Target offers many networking groups and encourages team members to be themselves and focus on all aspects of well-being. Or as they say during orientation, “Be You. Be Target.” The Spots is one of those networks, and our summer season began in late February. We’ve been learning the music and the choreography to nine songs at our twice a week, lunch-hour rehearsals and our all-day boot camp in June. Yep, we’re that dedicated to creating quality music. It’s a lot of time invested, but it’s a lot of fun, a lot of laughter and many new friendships. The Spots mostly perform for internal meetings, though we usually have a few public performances.

At Lake Harriet, the energy was palpable with grins ear-to-ear, the acoustics were sharp, and a summer breeze swept in from the lake. The Spots’ tight harmonies wove through the electric night air, fortified by measures in unison, and our arms and feet moved with the beat. We sang a little Motown (Up the Ladder to the Roof), some Bollywood (Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire), some Swahili (Baba Yetu), Taio Cruz’s fist-pumping Dynamite, and the Beatles (With a Little Help from My Friends). It was one of my favorite musical moments in recent memory.

And if there had been a Glee-esque panel of judges, I’m certain my friends and I would be heading to Nationals.

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