Megan & Todd


Weddings are one of the best kinds of celebrations (and often as is the case, reunions). I was honored to take part in the ceremony as pianist and soloist, even in spite of the searing July heat. Among the “I do’s”, exchanged rings, speeches and toasts of champagne; the passing of the breadbasket, salad, entrée & cake; and of course a few turns on the dance floor, it’s awesome to witness the love of two friends who commit to spending their lives together. Congrats, Megan & Todd! If matches were bowling games, I’d say you’ve scored a perfect 300!

3 thoughts on “Megan & Todd

  1. Hi Joe! Megan just sent me the link to your blog. I love your story and the pictures are gorgeous! I want copies! You are definitely a talented man! Thanks so much for sharing your time, talents & friendship with all of us on Megan & Todd’s wedding day.
    Lori & John Ryan

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