Bohemian Flats

Bohemian Flats

Question: Where do you take three New Yorkers? Answer: the Bohemian Flats, near the University of Minnesota. Such interesting history that I never knew until tonight.

In 75 minutes, our driving tour also included Northeast, Dinkytown, U of M East Bank, St. Paul (Cathedral, downtown, & State Capitol), West River Road, Washington Ave, and Hennepin.

2 thoughts on “Bohemian Flats

  1. Love this picture and I’m enjoying your blog!

    I got here via a Google Alert for ‘Bohemian Flats’, which is the title of a CD I co-produced with my band treVeld. This area is indeed rich with history and character. I frequently drive through Bohemian Flats on my way to gigging at Erte Restaurant in NE MPLS. Noticing the sign one fateful day, it immediately dawned on me to use it for our CD’s title.

    I grew up in MPLS and had never heard of this place. Once I started researching and asking people what they knew about it, I heard many interesting stories and became intrigued. It turns out a dear friend of mine’s mother was born there.

    Here’s a Google Books link to The Bohemian Flats:

    treVeld’s website:

    Thanks Joe!
    Philip Rampi

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