Mall of America - Nickelodeon Universe

The first time I saw the acronym “MOA” was in a script for a University of Minnesota Admissions skit to high school students. Unsure of what to do with it, I quickly pronounced it “Moe-ah” and hoped it would go unnoticed. It didn’t. Apparently, that is not what locals call the Mall of America. What did I know? I didn’t write the script, I reminded them; I was just reading it. The 70+ Admissions Ambassadors didn’t let me forget that for the rest of the fall recruiting season.

For out-of-town guests, visiting the Mall of America is somewhat of a right of passage. I prefer shopping at any of the three ‘Dales, but this is one tourist destination people visiting Minneapolis will surely be asked about back home. The call of the mall, I guess. So in that spirit, I shared the MOA experience with my Target Canada colleagues (their request).

We dined at Twin City Grill, and it was terrific as I’d expected. (It’s part of the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant portfolio and after trying a dozen of their concepts between Chicago and Minneapolis, there’s not a single one I haven’t liked.)

We walked through Nickelodeon Universe, Lego Imagination Center, American Girl Place (their stop not mine), and in true Midwest fashion, I ran into someone I know. My friend Megan, who I went to school with from K-12 and lives in Sioux Falls, spotted me circling the mall, which was totally unexpected and made my night.

And of course, I ended up buying something, too. Totally MOA.

Dragon Lego

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