For today’s photo, I thought I’d just phone it in. But this photo would not be easily earned. I stepped into the quiet Medical Arts building lobby and didn’t snap three photos before someone yelled at me asking what I was doing. It was a security guard. I’d spent 15 minutes taking this photo in the same building in March, so was surprised by the shrilly voiced concern.

Evidently, I was deemed a security threat. Me with my business suit, green shirt & paisley tie that matched my eyes … that’s what the homeless man told me later as we shared a couple blocks’ walk to our destinations. I’m not even making that up. Strangers talk to me, and I generally don’t even initiate eye contact any more. I was slightly apprehensive when the guy’s second sentence began with “My psychiatrist says…” but he turned out all right, and we had an interesting, if bizarre, conversation about high fashion retailers Allen Edmonds and Hubert White that he wanted to talk about.

Back to my story: The security guard told me that photographs were not allowed of this wall or in this building. I didn’t know whether to feel flattered because the security guard thought I was a super-fly, secret spy plotting trouble by documenting an abandoned payphone booth. Or the fact that the security guard had enlisted backup, a sizable guy two steps behind her who was jangling a ring full of keys. Really? Two security guards. Really.

I left the building, but I’d already gotten my photo. I win.

P.S. Clearly, Adam Levine from Maroon 5 is not at a payphone in Minneapolis. Because I’m not sure there are any.

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