AT&T Tower

AT&T Tower

How appropriate that I chose to photograph the AT&T Tower, since my bathroom scale was later calling S.O.S. today. I’ve been training for several races this spring, but this January goal was essentially a failed experiment. So, I was unsure how weighty things may have gotten since my move to the North Star State. We’ve already established that I sometimes talk out loud (to myself), so I feel safe in sharing that I called out the magic words to my scale:

Liar, liar, on the floor,
Don’t you know, that less is more? 

Clearly, it had no regard for my feelings because the son-of-a-gun reported a gain of 14.6 pounds. No wonder my training runs have been more challenging…it’s like I’m running with a bowling ball! The combination of more frequent happy hours, fewer workouts, fewer meals at home and less sleep have done a number. I’ve given myself a number of weeks (10) to get back on track. And tracking it closely, I will be.

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