Weathered Cattails


Caught some weathered cattails on Wirth Lake before the rainstorm. And, a bird dove into my shot for a cameo, which came out of nowhere because I didn’t see it until I reviewed my photos. Maybe it was an Angry Bird?

Speaking of angry birds, it reminded me of the time in 2006 when I walked the Lake Michigan lakefront in Chicago with my friends Greg and Megan. Minding my own business, I was walking along and suddenly my elbow felt wet as it moved past my shirt. Puzzled, I patted my arm to figure out what it was. Slimy. I looked down, and my face slowly transformed into a foul expression of disgust. I had been shat upon by a bird. Not just any ordinary bird…an obese bird. How do I know this? It had divebombed the equivalent surface area of a salad plate on my shirt. No s#!t. Well, actually, there was a lot of it.

The sad thing is that it wasn’t the first time, nor the second time it’s happened to me. …Not  exactly the type of chick magnet, one might aspire to be. Today then was a lucky day for meeting the birds. Today was s**t free.

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