Special Talent


I almost started laughing when my friend’s daughter posed for this photo with her special talent. Too cute. I took the prerequisite smiling photo (below), but I think this one’s more fun. It was rainy so we retired inside and pretty soon, I was testing out their newly acquired piano, which incidentally was the first acoustic piano I’ve seen with fewer than 88 keys.

Before long, Maureen was playing along on the flute. [We first played music together for the Notre Dame MBA “dorm Masses” almost seven years ago.] Then Adam and Maureen’s two daughters wanted to join in the fun, so they raced to find and dance in their pink tights and tutus. We had a full-on recital, complete with musical introductions and recorded by Adam for posterity. It was serious, and at times, seriously funny.

Earlier, I began the day with a morning brunch in Wicker Park with my friends Erin and Drew. I love visiting this neighborhood with its quirky charm, great restaurants, and 6 corner intersection of Damen Ave, Milwaukee Ave, and North Ave. I can pretend to be a trendy hipster, if only momentarily.

The day ended in Naperville with Giordano’s pizza, storytelling, wine and dancing with  friends who are much better bowlers than me. At least it can be said that my points contribution to the old team was consistent. After all, I’ve never claimed bowling as my special talent.

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