Self Portrait

Signs you’re 31: You don’t really give a darn how many people stare at you quizzically as you attempt to take your self-portrait in a public park. (There were several hundred, because it took me 45 minutes.) I probably looked like a crazy. Actually, I’m certain of it. It’s much harder than it looks! Every 10 seconds, I jumped behind the camera, adjusted my tripod, pressed the 10 second timer and then started smiling, laughing and/or moving my head in a clockwise direction while the camera captured five shots at a time. It certainly didn’t help things that I was talking to myself!

Birthdays are not only a day for celebrating but a day for taking inventory: of the family who supports you; of friendships made and maintained and those that have yet to be; of colleagues, and a career that has been both intellectually challenging and rewarding; of passions; a community and a faith underlying it all.

The journey’s only just begun. Thanks for coming along.


4 thoughts on “31

  1. A glorious May to my great-nephew, Joe. May you always have as much love, insight and curiosity as you have today!

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