My bathroom scale talked back to me today. As the numbers dipped and rose, it finally stabilized and then both startled me and silently goaded: Checkmate. You’re overweight.

The seams of my slim fit shirts had been giving early warning signs. I will admit that I gained a stone since moving to Minneapolis. I prefer to say stone like the British, because everything they say sounds more interesting. Even weight gain.

It’s funny because last summer I reached my best fitness level. Ever. Training for long distance running will do that. I’ve decided that I need to make a game of losing. And, to get in the game, you’ve gotta have goals. This spring, I’ve signed up for five races of varying lengths: a 1 mile down Nicollet Mall, a 5K (done!), a 10K, a 10-Mile and a half marathon. That should provide enough motivation because if you don’t suffer through training, you’ll later suffer the consequences (or embarrassment). Game on!

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