Rainy Run

Rainy day in Minneapolis

This morning I ran a 10K in rainy, 45 degree weather. The race followed the Mississippi River, with half the route in Minneapolis and the other half in St. Paul. It was a fun run, though May better bring warmer weather. After a post race breakfast at Turtle Bread Company, I ran through the skyways to buy, what else, a raincoat.

Gaviidae Common

Gaviidae Common, Minneapolis

Gaviidae Common is a shopping center in downtown Minneapolis anchored by Neiman Marcus and Saks Off Fifth. The complex is spread over two city blocks and is built on the former site of the Donaldson’s department store. The “State Fare” food court is home to the single McDonald’s in downtown Minneapolis. It’s fine when I have a lunchtime craving, but doesn’t even come close to the revamped McDonald’s designs with the yellow brow arch. I miss the food and crew at “the Arch” on the corporate campus!

Gaviidae Common

Social Sciences

Social Sciences building, University of Minnesota

The Social Sciences building on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota isn’t that notable. But when I did visit that building during my college years, it was for notably nerdy reasons. With a student body of 51,000+ students, I was determined to make my college experience as personalized as possible. After all, I graduated from a high school class of 51.

Aside from obvious things like attending class and studying the course material, I nearly always sat in the second row of auditorium classes. And I always made a point to attend the professor’s and TA’s office hours at least several times a semester. It’s the best kept secret to getting more out of your college education. Professors are required by the university to hold office hours, and very few students attend them. But I sure did! This building played an integral (pun intended) role in learning calculus and economics outside the classroom.