Down in Birdland

Dakota Jazz

I love jazz. Some of my favorite musicians comprise The Manhattan Transfer, a group celebrating its 39th year together. The aural complexity of their vocalese is both pleasing and perplexing in its precision and perfect pitch. I’ve been a fan club member since 1999, following not only singers Tim, Janis, Cheryl and Alan, but also their pianist Yaron and drummer Steve. I own 21 of their albums and multiple solo albums. Yet this was only my third concert, following performances in 2000 and 2004. Tonight, they performed at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis. (Margaret Dorn filled in for Cheryl Bentyne who is recovering from a health issue.) And they were awesome.

Manhattan Transfer

Down them stairs, lose them cares – yeah
Down in Birdland
Total swing! bop was king – yeah
Down in Birdland

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