Anchor Fish & Chips

Anchor Fish & Chips

Friday night was an exploration of Nordeast Minneapolis, a neighborhood that feels hipster, eclectic and fun. In some ways, it reminds me of Wicker Park in Chicago. (Oh Piece, I miss you.) With a good balance of restaurants and bars that have anchored the community for years, there are also new arrivals like The Anchor Fish & Chips. Or recently new (2009), if you’re fact checking my blog.

The wait time for a spot in the 36-seat restaurant? 60-90 minutes. So my friend Ben and I headed to the nearby 331 Club for drinks, where I tried a Surly Bender and Bell’s Amber Ale. It was trivia night with a fair amount of Dr. Seuss trivia in celebration of his birthdate. I’d been Dr. Seuss rhyming for work last week for Read Across America, but that didn’t help me here.

We ambled back to The Anchor, grabbed two seats at the bar counter and ordered the main feature, fish and chips, with a side of mushy peas. Mushy peas, you may ask with a wrinkled nose? I like peas (frozen, not canned) but was skeptical, too. It was more like buttered mashed potatoes, but with peas, and actually tasty. The cod fish was great, though the handcut fries did not seem exactly award-winning to me. (Then again, I have a strong bias for McDonald’s fries.) Paired with a pint of Smithwick’s, it was a satisfying meal.


3 thoughts on “Anchor Fish & Chips

  1. Joe, mushy peas are a must with fish and chips – here in Nottingham they also serve them mixed with mint sauce (something I have not yet acquired a taste for). Also, have you ever been to Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis? Some of my study abroad cohorts would go there when homesick for the UK…

    • Hey Kendra! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by the mushy peas. I have been to Brit’s Pub; in fact, my office is across the street. I was just there last Sunday night for late night happy hour. (Who knew bars are still open at 11pm Sundays?)

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