Continental Hotel

Continental Hotel

I pass the Continental Hotel every day on my walk to work, and I’ve been trying to capture the green neon in the sign but the twilight must be at just the right moment. Finally at 5:30pm Wednesday, it worked. That was going to be today’s story, but intriguingly there’s more.

Originally built as the Ogden Apartment Hotel in the early 20th century, it was designed for middle class worker housing and billed as an “apartment hotel.” The units didn’t have their own kitchens, and residents instead ate from a common restaurant in the building. It included modern conveniences such as private bathrooms, Murphy beds, and electric appliances.

The building changed its name to the Continental Hotel in 1948. Today, it offers stable, affordable apartments for 70 formerly homeless individuals, and it’s operated by Aeon, a nonprofit developer, owner and manager of affordable apartment homes in the Twin Cities.

And that is a far neater story than green neon.

1 thought on “Continental Hotel

  1. Hey Joe.
    Nice story. Sometimes I feel like I’m traveling with Rick Steves when I’m reaingd your blog.
    Maybe you should be a travel agent or tour guide in your ‘free’ time. Ha Ha.
    For me, reading the stories is the next best thing to actually being there.

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