Savor the Company

Caribou coffee

Coffee not only caffeinates us; it connects us. For me, it’s not a morning drink. Once in a while it serves me a mid-day jolt, but mostly it’s something to savor in the company of friends. An opportunity to pause, to power down your digital vices (after taking 50 snapshots), talk about the day, share ideas or news about the world around us, and plot the future. Family and friends influence who we are for the better (and hopefully not for worse!), so it’s important to surround yourself with people who challenge you to be your best and who are willing to share their time. What company do you keep?

From Wayzata in the morning to Grand Ave in St. Paul by afternoon and Savage by night, today was a day to be savored. A day spent in the company of friends.

4 thoughts on “Savor the Company

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