Open Heart


The human heart functions with four valves, which both open and close. As I climbed the stairs in my building, the fire hose valve (of all things) jumped out at me. Amid the rush of Godiva sales, picking the perfect card or present, or enjoying a memorable meal, I was reminded that Valentine’s Day marks just one moment. One moment, one day to open up and express your feelings and celebrate your renewed appreciation for that special someone. Yet hopefully, your year is marked by many such moments.

If you’re single, the day is not meant to be a reminder of what may be missing in your life, but a reminder to keep an open mind. To lead with your truest self. To be discriminating about the qualities in relationships that matter most & how you spend your time. To lead with your gifts, which can be as unique as your fingerprints, in order to find a relationship of inspiration.

Above all, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to give your best self, to feed the relationships that matter most to you, and live life with an open heart.

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