Hop’s Salon

Hop's Salon

Moving back to Minneapolis has led to unexpected but happy reunions. Like Hop Bui. I first met Hop in 2001 when she owned U Salon in a storefront below my University Village apartment. She cut and styled my hair for the following four years and two music albums, until I left for grad school. From my moves to South Bend and Chicago to Hop’s move with her family to Houston, we’re both back in Minnesota. Hop now has a new salon in Dinkytown. And if you ask me, it’s a cut above the rest.

2 thoughts on “Hop’s Salon

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  2. I first encountered Hop in 1991, and lost touch before she moved to Texas. This morning, my scraggly hair with a mind of its own, said, “Hop!” Thanks to this post, I easily made an appointment for this morning. She is still as beautiful and delightful as ever…Hop is an artist!

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